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Emergency Dental Care in Hammersmith

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Emergency Dental Care

If you are in need of an emergency dentist, you will want to be seen as quickly as possible. Dental emergencies can be extremely uncomfortable and can also induce anxiety. At Askew Dental Care, we will endeavour to see all emergency patients on the same day that they contact the practice, whenever possible.

Dental emergencies can arise at any time of the day or night, which is why we have 24 hour emergency dental cover for our patients. We can arrange out-of-hours appointments, including evenings and weekends, and urge you to contact us as soon as possible if you think you may be experiencing a dental emergency.

If you need an emergency dentist in Hammersmith, please call 020 8743 0947, or out of hours 078 8983 7776.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

Many conditions can be described as a dental emergency, from unbearable tooth ache to accidents involving the head and face that involve damage to or loss of the teeth, as well as gum injuries.

Lost teeth

If your tooth is knocked out in an accident or through injury, you should contact a dentist as soon as possible. Your dentist may be able to reimplant your tooth in the socket, if you still have the tooth and it is not damaged.

If you still have your tooth, you should clean it in cold water if necessary and either attempt to place it back in the socket yourself (biting down on a clean handkerchief or paper towel may help) or place it in a clean container covered by milk or your own saliva, and contact the emergency dentist.

Unbearable toothache

Toothache can come on suddenly and can be severe. Should you experience a sudden, unbearable toothache, with or without a swelling known as a dental abscess, you should contact an emergency dentist for advice.

Your dentist's first priority will be to get you out of pain. It will not always be possible to solve the problem completely in a single appointment, but your dentist will relieve your pain and advise you of any further treatment and follow-up appointments as necessary.

Broken teeth

Teeth are frequently broken in accidents or injuries involving the face. You should see an emergency dentist straight away to avoid any further damage. They may be able to rebuild your tooth using composite bonding.

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